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machines which are the bottleneck. >> after the 2000 election a lot of jurisdictions went to touch screen voting system. they are horribly inefficient. and so in many places you simply cannot have enough machines to handle the throughput. >> reporter: he knows, since he makes a living managing private elections for trade unions, indian tribes, and religious organizations. >> so in other words, the machines that we're using, which are more modern, have made things worse. >> the things that they solved aren't the things that need to be solved. >> long story short, he says we've traded speed for accuracy, especially when you consider this. go old school paper ballot. >> if i have paper i can distribute paper out very wide and you can mark your piece of paper, i can mark my piece of paper, he can mark his paper all at the same time. but for every second you're standing in front of a voting machine i can't use it. >> as we learned last night all those lost seconds can really start to add up. >> yeah, those lines were rough. >> he's saying go old school but what about voting on-line? >> sounds
losses in this week's presidential election. tonight derek says the gop's difficulties are almost certainly overestimated, but the party is in a perplexing predictment. >> most people remember when ronald reagan beat jimmy carter. they got 12 senate seats putting the kibosh on liberals. they knew they had to change or die. but it look a dozen years and a bill clinton to actually move them to the center. fast forward to 2012, and it is the gop that must change. reach out to latinos, african-americans, asians. there is two parties. you have the types that really do want smaller government, lower taxes, social issues, et cetera. but you also have the anti-immigrant hard liners and the hank williams and donald trumps of the world who say president obama is a muslim or wasn't really born here. these are the people mitt romney figured he couldn't afford to offend. but then let's be real, how do you expand the gop race. you need to be a welcome when there is a vocal segment of the very same base that doesn't really want those people around and you still need them too. anita. >> thanks, d
. president obama making his first post-election comments about the economy. he will talk about those automatic tax headaches and severe budget cuts due to go in effect in january. analysis by the congressional office says if congress boggs down and takes a long time to avert the so-called fiscal cliff it would trigger a recession. the man what shot former congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the head and killed six others will spend the rest of his days behind bars. giffords faced her shooter. he told loughner, you tried to create world as dark as yours but you failed. kelly added, you may have put a bullet through her head, but you haven't put a dent in her spirit. giffords' aid ron bear bar was also wounded. he served out the rest of the congresswoman's term. >> i turned to mr. loughner and said, i hold no hatred for you but i am very, very angry and sick of heart about what you did. >> when the judge sentenced loughner to seven life terms plus 140 years in prison, his mother put her head down and cried uncroppably. the 24-year-old has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. tonight folk
-- >> the president's tears as his really happened on election t night. >> there were a few tears shed. lots of back slapping, hugging. >> the obama's tv strategy versus romney's. >> it would be my recommendation for any candidate to come and sit with us. >> the donald calling brian williams a dummy. >> i personally wouldn't say all those thipgs. >> is trump's celebrity star defending him. >> a brave newce
- elected last week. she was more upset when she found out her husband didn't vote. they got into a big fight and she decided to run him over. and this arizona parking lot. now, he's in the hospital, and she's facing charges. >>> victoria's secret apologizes for a fashion faux pas. check out the model that appeared in new york last week wearing an indian headdress,leopard print panties and high heels. the tribal called it ignorance. victoria's secret apologized and you won't see it when the fashion show airs on wusa 9. >>> when we see high profil cheaters busted on national news we wonder why so many people are foolish so often. derek says the answer isn't thatcomplicated. >> to my mind this comes down to the big difference between what we like and what we value. for example, i value the idea of a stomach that looks like that, but i also like eating potato chips and fancy cupcakes. so this look is slightly more likely. same for monogamy. we give it a lot of lip service. anybody who appears to be successfully pulling it off, they get major kudos. we value it highly. but let's be real. th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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